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Burton J. Katzen, DPM

Dr. Katzen has been in private practice since 1972, and he is Board Certified in Foot surgery. He has served as chief of podiatric surgery at The Southern Maryland Hospital Center and The Greater Southeast Hospital. He is also a member of the American Academy of Sports Medicine.

Dr. Katzen is certified as the only master surgeon in D.C., Maryland, & Virginia in the Hyprocure minimally invasive procedure for permanent correction of flatfoot, and procedure also used for chronic plantar fasciitis/heel spur syndrome. His other sub-specialty is minimal incision foot surgery, a technique that allows many common foot procedures to be performed through a small incision with minimal trauma and down time using a fluoroscope.


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At our Foot & Ankle Center you are not a number, or even just another patient. Dr. Burton Katzen is an experienced podiatrist committed to working together to develop a unique treatment plan for you.


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